Greyhounds are among the first animals that are kept as pets and hunters. The elegance and beauty of this noblest animal is a sight to behold. At the end of their racing career, the greyhounds easily adapt to the life of a loving pet and become the pet of choice. A greyhound is known as an active dog, a lover of running. The racing sport has taken their agility and endurance and turned it into a gambler’s market with spectators making bets on the winner.

The main object of betting on greyhounds is to beat the odds and win some money. Placing a bet on your favourite event makes the race exciting and more enjoyable. In Australia Betting is done on various platforms like BlueBet who entities and accepts bets. Like greyhound races, there are several sporting events that one can bet on.

Rules of Betting and Playing odds in Greyhound Racing

  • Greyhound names are displayed on the website for information purposes and all bets are settled based on the trap numbers on which bets are placed.
  • Betting will be based on which greyhound will win the race.
  • Where a ‘no race’ is declared, all bets will be voided unless the ‘re-run’ race takes place on the same day.
  • All bets will be settled based on the official result declared on the race day.
  • If the event does not resume then all bets on that race will be declared void.
  • Where a greyhound is withdrawn from a race or replaced by an alternative the same bets will be replaced among them.
  • Trap challenge bets are unaffected by reserves, vacant traps, void races or abandoned meetings.
  • Betting is offered for either an Odd numbered Trap (1, 3, 5) or an Even numbered Trap (2, 4, 6) to win a nominated race.
  • Betting is offered for either an Inside Trap (1, 2, 3) or an Outside Trap (4, 5, 6) to win a nominated race.
  • You can place a bet through online platforms, sportsbook or even through the phone. You need to place the bet with the help of an oddsmaker who sets the betting odds.
  • Choose on what you are betting by making a selection, the type of bet and the amount you are wagering.
  • Examine the range of odds available before you make a decision.
  • There are many types of bets you can place with more betting varieties and combinations.

Restrictions on Greyhound racing

In many countries, greyhound racing is purely amateur and solely for enjoyment. But in some countries, greyhound racing is part of the gambling industry. Many Animal rights and animal welfare groups are critical of the welfare of greyhounds in the commercial racing industry.

To eradicate this spree a greyhound adoption movement has arisen to assist retired racing dogs in finding homes as pets. Some of these groups also advocate better treatment of the Greyhounds while at the track. In recent years the racing industry has made significant progress in establishing programs for the adoption of retired Greyhounds. The racing has been in decline since the opening of betting shops and despite amendment in-laws, it has been declined drastically.

Types of Greyhound racing bets

I. Straight bet

This is the simplest and most common bet. You bet on a winner at given odds if your chosen greyhound is the first at the finish line.

II. Place

A wager for place means you collect if your selected greyhound finishes either first or second.

III. Show

The first three greyhounds across the finish line can win the bet.

IV. Across the Board

In this, there are three individual bets of Win, Place, and Show. If your selection wins, you collect on all three bets. If your selection runs second, you collect on Place and Show bets. If your selection runs third, you collect the Show bet.

V. Combination Bet

Combinations cover from two to four greyhounds to win in chosen order.