The days of the long-term contract are not over.  The recent contracts handed out to Manny Machado, 10-years $300 million, and Bryce Harper, 13-years $330 million, have proved that.

The latest report is that the Angels are considering handing out another one.  According to The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal, they have considered offering Mike Trout a 10-year extension worth $350 million.  It’s unclear whether the offer has been made.

The 27-year-old center fielder is by far the best player in the game and has only two years left on his current deal.  If the Angels don’t lock him down before his final year, Trout may considered going east and joining one of the teams closer to his hometown.

Trout may still want to do that no matter what the Angels offer.  Wherever he ends up, he’s going to get paid, why not join a team with a chance at winning?

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