Worldwide sporting events are always a mixed bag of emotional highs and lows. Ice Hockey is one of those games that might have a niche fan base based on geographic location, but it still draws in the crowds irrespective of where the games take place. The Ice Hockey World Cup is around the corner, and the excitement surrounding the event is already at an all-time high. From fans to punters and bookmakers, everyone is busy analysing teams in the hope of some big wins and profits.

The Ice Hockey World Cup will be held in Slovakia this year. This is the second time that the country will host the event. Unlike many of the worldwide sporting events, ice hockey championship is an annual competition. Moreover, it lasts only two weeks and is packed with back to back games filled with thrilling moments.

The event will commence on 10 th May 2019 and end on 26 th May 2019. During this time, 16 international teams will fight to claim the most prominent trophy of the game. Among the teams playing are the hosts Slovakia, last year’s winner Sweden, with Great Britain and Italy getting a promotion based on their performance in 2018. With the announcement of the two groups in which teams will be playing, the betting world has already started to make predictions about the winners with some clear favourites coming out on top.

Canada, Sweden, and Russia are, according to the bookmakers, the top contenders for the trophy. However, IIHF World Championship, as it is officially known, isn’t without its surprises, upsets, and the underdog wins. Punters should be carefully looking at the performances of the teams over the last few months to understand better their state of mind and how well they are expected to play in the world cup. But if you are positive about the team you want to support, then it’s worth checking out the Ice Hockey World Cup odds right now to get some bargain deals well in advance. Canada, for example, is rated as the top team even though they haven’t won a world cup in the last two years. The bookmakers expect a lot from them and have a listing of +200 for a win. Sweden, at +300, and Russia at +350 make for board leaders.

The thing about ice hockey that makes it such an exciting sport to watch, even if you don’t play it yourself, is the passion that oozes from the ice rink and the stands. It’s a game where fights often irrupt, but there is also a sense of companionship and brotherhood evident during the matches. So whether it is a Russian player saying unsavoury words to the crowds or the exceptional talent seen during the games, ice hockey is one of the best sports to watch. Punters who usually don’t follow the game should seriously think about investing in it to make money and also have an engaging sporting experience.

 As we are doing a preview of the world cup, it is essential to mention some teams that are worth following. Canada is undoubtedly the leader in the game and a hot favourite, but Sweden, having won the last two competitions, will be aiming to get a hattrick, making them fierce contenders with a mission. One must also not forget Switzerland, listed at +2000, who were the runners-up in 2018, and Slovakia, listed at +2500, having the home advantage. Moreover, it is not just about the winners when you look at the competition. Be it a fan or a punter, each game matters as it brings with it a chance to walk away dancing with pockets full of cash.