Via Heavy:

West scout: “It’s the lateral quickness, that is the problem. He’s never really had it and as his career has gone on, the tighter they called hand-checking and all the little things a slower guy could do to keep up, the more difficult it got for him to keep up. Some of the wings now, Paul George or even LeBron (James) or Giannis, he is not going to keep up with those guys. And if you get him switched on a guard, forget it. If he is on the floor, you get him into a pick-and-roll every single time you can. He can’t guard it.”

West assistant coach: “They’re going to have to send help. I don’t know, it’s not going to be easy. Good luck, Terry Stotts.”

I love the shade.  I love all of the Melo can’t play defense commentary.  I can’t wait to see him step on the floor for Portland.

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