Anthony Davis trade rumors are heating up,  as AD and the Lakers have struggled this season.

The Los Angeles Lakers big man is a player who is known for having trouble staying healthy. Davis only played half the season with the Lakers last year, and it definitely killed any momentum the team had from the previous season. This season Anthony Davis doesn’t look like his usual self, and fans are starting to think he’s washed. Yesterday, the Lakers lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Davis dropped 19 points. He also grabbed 12 rebounds, which is decent game. That being said, his bounce isn’t what we’re used to, and the Lakers are losing in part because of it.

The Lakers are already thinking about a trade involving Russell Westbrook. There are numerous teams out there who the Lakers could negotiate with. This includes the Indiana Pacers, Utah Jazz, and perhaps even the Charlotte Hornets. That said, it seems like AD might start to become a bargaining chip.

During the latest Bill Simmons podcast, it was suggested that Davis could be traded. Presently, there are a few people around the league who could see it happening, and with Davis playing bad basketball, you never really know.

“So, the Lakers lost again today (Sunday),” Simmons said. “There’s some buzz, some buzzing that AD (Anthony Davis) might be available. That that’s a Plan B. Because the Westbrook trade, or whatever they think they can get for Westbrook and whether you want to give up future assets, maybe that doesn’t even make sense because what are you getting if you’re the Lakers?”

Evidently, this is a bad situation for the Lakers. There seems to be a disconnect within the locker room, and the organization seems to have zero understanding of what to do. Hopefully, for them and their fans, they can get it together.

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