Kyrie Irving’s future is very much in doubt. 

The Brooklyn Nets controversial star is currently in quite a bit of trouble following his now-deleted Twitter post. The Brooklyn Nets star shared a documentary that makes some disparaging claims about Jewish people. Kyrie has since taken down the post and has issued an apology. His apology came after a suspension from the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets star was told to sit down for a minimum of five games. If Kyrie wants to come back, he will have to meet certain requirements.

With Kyrie’s latest suspension in mind, it should come as no surprise that some NBA executives are mum on his future. In a new report from Sam Amick, some NBA execs made bold predictions about Kyrie, and they are not pretty.

For instance, one person said, “I think Kyrie might not play in the NBA again.” This prediction was made by a General Manager, and it speaks to the sentiment surrounding Kyrie. Another executive explained how most teams view Kyrie, and how he rarely actually plays.

Via The Athletic: 

“I think he’s a really challenging guy. Leaving aside whether he’s a good human, a bad human, whether he’s using his platform correctly or anything else, and even if I have zero morals and I’m just making a basketball evaluation, you need him to play. It doesn’t matter why someone can’t play, but how do you feel good that he’s gonna be available?

The path forward for Irving is very much unknown. If he is serious about playing again, he will have to meet the demands of his team. Some find these demands ridiculous, while others think they are necessary.

But one thing’s for sure, Kyrie Irving is going to cause controversy in anything he does. 

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