Anthony Edwards is sending a message to all the women out there. 

In his two-plus seasons with the Timberwolves, Anthony Edwards has provided some poster-worthy dunks, even to the point of the Wolves organization posting some of them on billboards downtown. But entering Tuesday night, Edwards had yet to dunk a ball in a game this season, according to Basketball Reference. There might be a reason for that. Last week, Edwards said he wasn’t jumping as high as he normally does and he was conditioning to try and get his “legs back.” “I feel like I lost some of my powers,” Edwards said.

He said he recently lost some of the weight he put on in muscle over the offseason and is back to around 230 pounds.

“I’m just waiting for my legs to get under me 100 percent and I’ll be all right,” Edwards said.

The team listed Edwards’ weight at 239 pounds. Does he want them to change it back?

“Nah, I don’t mind it,” Edwards said. “I would like people to think I’m heavy so they would think my first step is not as quick and it’s probably a little quicker.”

Could this be a reason Anthony Edwards just declared he’s single. The Minnesota Timberwolves superstar took to Instagram to make the declaration.  

See below:  

Interestingly enough, while Anthony’s saying he’s “big single” his girlfriend, or at least she was his girlfriend, was in phoenix where the Wolves played. She also posted a pic courtside from a recent game. 

See below:  

Anthony might need to give his girlfriend the Memo.  

Per, Edwards has attempted 156 field goals with no dunks this season. He had 128 dunks in the previous two seasons combined.  Edwards can play himself back into prime shape as the season goes along, which will allow him to throw down those poster dunks he was known for over the previous two years.

Maybe being Big Single will help. 

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