NFL players are popular for their discipline and strength. A regular season runs from September to January, with the Super Bowl in February. Amidst preseason matches, final matches, personal training, and team training, the NFL is one of the most intense sporting leagues in the world. Before the regular season kicks off, players can take a break and enjoy activities off the pitch. Here are some of the most exciting ways players spend their time off the pitch.  

Explore the World

The season can be very grueling for professional NFL players. Football is one of the most physically demanding sports. They are particularly prone to injuries such as hamstring strain, ACL tears, MCL strain, meniscus tears, and blunt injuries. Even for players who are lucky enough to escape being injured, the workout sessions are brutal. This is why players look forward to and enjoy going on a well-deserved break at the end of the season. Most NFL players enjoy traveling for fun, with friends, family, or alone. This helps them take a breather before the start of the season. 

Spend Time with Family

During the season, players must stay in the camp, which might be in a different city from their hometown. Throughout the 18-week season, most players might not spend as much time off the pitch. The off-season provides a chance for them to catch up with loved ones. 

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Maximize Off-Season Workouts

Players maximize the off-season to develop maximum strength, speed, and power. Developing these skills and getting better during the season might be too demanding. The difference between players who take advantage of this period and those who don’t is evident on the pitch once the season starts. Though there might be no official training sessions during the off-season, players are still required to train. This helps them maintain their fitness level. 

Rest Fatigued Muscle

Amidst all the rigorous training, their bodies still need rest. Resting is almost as important as working out and training. It is, in fact the only way to rebuild and regenerate muscle. Players who sustain serious injuries might be off the court for an entire season or more. Proper rest reduces the risk of this happening. For injured players, this period is also the best time to correct injuries sustained during the season. 

Maintain their Diet

The right diet contributes significantly to a player’s fitness. It would be counterproductive just to binge eat and indulge throughout the off-season. Their meal plan might not be as rigid as it was during the season. However, they are required to still enrich their bodies with meals that will provide the power and strength for the coming season.    

Watch Other Sports

From Darren Fells to Quinten Rollins, a few NFL players once played in other leagues, such as the NBA. Some players take advantage of the off-season to watch and enjoy other sports, such as tennis. They might even go as far as watching the games live. They can help to keep them motivated and energized for their own sports season. 

Analyze Previous Performances

Top sports professionals understand that the best way to improve their technique is by learning from their mistakes. Thanks to technology, match sessions are recorded, and players can view this during the off-season. This can help them spot errors and find room for improvement. Other players also take advantage of this to study the techniques of other players and teams to understand the opposition’s playing style. 

Explore other Hobbies

An average NFL player is a driven individual, especially as the sport requires discipline and commitment. Some NFL players break the stereotype and equally succeed in their other pursuits. For instance, New York Jet’s Laurent Duvernay Tardiff is a licensed medical practitioner, and Baltimore Ravens’ Justin Paul Tucker is also a successful opera singer off-season. Several NFL players also enjoy surfing, riding, and exploring the arts.

NFL players are required to be in top shape. However, like any other profession, the time spent off their job is necessary for them to continually deliver peak performance. The best players are those who have found a balance between their activities during and off the season.