The rise of cannabidiol (CBD) is inevitable. With more studies aiming to prove its efficacy, it’s currently an in-demand supplement. In the US alone, cbd sales are expected to hit USD$1.8 billion by 2022.That number alone proves its popularity, which is also why CBD products are facing scrutiny due to fake products. You can find many online stores to Shop CBD Products which has been trusted and recommended by the users from all around the world.

To prevent wasting your money on fake products, it’s essential to seek out educational sources about CBD so you can educate yourself. Take note that not all CBD products are natural. Some products contain only chemicals, and others contain no traces of CBD at all. Cannabidiol takes time and complicated measures to extract. Those who only want to profit won’t care for the level of quality and health risks that fake CBD products will cause consumers.   

What Is Natural CBD? 

CBD oil, like Joy Organics CBD, comes from the hemp plant. A reliable CBD oil undergoes processing that involves CO2 solvent to extract the plant compounds. A meticulous extraction process ensures that cannabidiol doesn’t include any residue.   

Depending on the type of extraction, CBD products have three categories.  

  1. Broad Spectrum – all the compounds are extracted from the hemp plant except THC.  
  2. Full Spectrum – CBD products with less than 0.3% of THC. Users suffering from acute or chronic pain and neurological disorders, such as depression, may benefit from full-spectrum products.  
  3. CBD Isolate – this type of product has the purest CDB ingredient–at 99%. Coconut oil is often used as a carrier oil to make it easier to digest. Those who want cannabidiol without the psychoactive effects will turn to CBD isolate.   

Ways To Spot Natural And Fake CBD Products 

There are many ways on how you can tell the difference between natural and pseudo-CBD products hitting the shelves. Reading the label alone can help you save your hard-earned money:  

  • CBD oil doesn’t contain butane, hexane, propane, or pentane 
  • If the products only mention hempseed oil, hemp seeds, or Cannabis sativa oil, they’re not the same as hemp extract and cannabidiol, which are the two ingredients that you must look for 
  • The CBD oil bottle should state the amount of CBD, and anything less than 250mg per 10ml is too little.  
  • False promises on marketing ads such as “Best Price,” “Limited Offer,” “Special Discount,” and low prices are signs of fake CBD. Cannabidiol is expensive due to its processing. You can make price comparisons among products and easily spot lower prices.  
  • Products with low CBD content such as 100mg in a 3oz-bottle worth at $50 is expensive and not worth the money.  
  • Learn the difference between marijuana and hemp plant-derivatives. Real CBD oil only comes from the hemp plant and only has 0.3% or 0% levels of THC in it. 

Female scientist research conduct experiments cannabis CBD oil hemp products in lab with marijuana leaves / Chemist working on cannabis extract for medical healthcare natural herb research hemp plant

You can also choose to go beyond reading labels and spotting fake CBD products: 

  • Ask for a third-party lab report, such as the Certificate of Analysis, that’s no more than 6 months old. A product may prove fraudulent or didn’t pass mandatory testing if there are no lap reports available.  
  • Review the reputation of the store. You may also look them up at the Better Business Bureau website and other authority site reviews for testimonials. 
  • Seek out communities, such as forums, of CBD users. You can pick up the latest news from fellow users on the best shops and brands to use and avoid.  

In Conclusion 

Authentic CBD products have proven health advantages. However, because of fake and ineligible products, false claims, and low prices, many people fall victim to losing money to serious health issues. 

Fortunately, natural CBD isn’t hard to spot once you have enough knowledge. You can enjoy the real benefits of honest to goodness CBD products when you know how to protect yourself.