Since January 20 this year, the continuously skyrocketing Bitcoin price has suffered a severe setback. It is understood that this round of skyrocketing is regarded as the Bitcoin market of the current bull market and has continued to its upstream miner industry. Enter a situation where one miner is hard to find. Of course, the more popular the scene, the more investors want to know whether Bitcoin miners can still be bought? So, can bitcoin miners be bought in 2021? Today, I will give you a comprehensive analysis of whether Bitcoin miners can still be bought in 2021?

Will Bitcoin miners still be available for purchase in 2021?

Of course, but the cost of mining is mainly derived from the cost of the miner and electricity, and the income of the output is Bitcoin. When the value of Bitcoin increases, it means that the smaller the proportion of the cost of mining, the higher the rate of return. Therefore, Bitcoin’s value fluctuations will directly affect the miner industry.

Beginning in November 2020, the price of Bitcoin has soared from around US$10,000 until it exceeded US$20,000 on December 16. On January 2, 21, it exceeded US$30,000 and on January 8, it exceeded US$40,000. , The highest price reached 41887.8 U.S. dollars, compared with the lowest point of 4944 U.S. dollars in the year on March 14, a sharp increase of nearly 10 times. With the rapid rise of the Bitcoin market this round, the miner market has quickly become popular due to its influence.

Bitmain said that the current miners are generally sold out quickly, and the market is now good. Once miners come out, they can be sold out. Another miner manufacturer, Canaan, said that its company has obtained many pre-sale orders in the third quarter of 2020, and continued the momentum of a large number of pre-sales in the fourth quarter. The delivery date of the pre-sale orders has been ranked second quarter this year. 

In the retail channel of miners, the price of miners is doubled at 1 to 2 times the official website. Take the Antminer S19 95T under Bitmain as an example. Several miner retailers stated that the price of the miner on the official website is about US$3,100. However, the retail market price is about US$6,900, which has more than doubled.

In March 2020, the price of Ant S19 was only around US$2010, but by January 2021, the price had soared to US$8,195 per unit, a difference of 4 to 5 times. Even at such a high price, second-hand miner retailers also said that so many people come to consult and make transactions, and they don’t have to worry about selling them. Miner owners said they regret this year because there are fewer miners, and now it is hard to find a miner.

Where to buy a Bitcoin miner?

It is best to go to the website of a professional Bitcoin miner, such as the official website of Zeus Mining. On the one hand, it can save time and money, and the relevant introduction on the official website is more detailed. On the other hand, the official website will not sell fakes, and after-sales protection is guaranteed. You can also go to major e-commerce platforms, which is more convenient, and you can also look at the evaluations of people who have used it. The choice is broader and more targeted. There is also a shopping mall or specialty store that specializes in selling miners. This price should be higher, but you can see the real thing the first time, and you can also compare different miners in real-time, which will help you choose the most cost-effective miner.

You can also directly contact the miner manufacturer online, preferably a professional manufacturer of miners, or those engaged in related industries for many years, and the technology is guaranteed. After all, the popularity of Bitcoin is too great, and the demand for Bitcoin miners is also relatively great. Therefore, you must be cautious when buying. Also, read the relevant materials and product information carefully, and choose the Bitcoin miner that is most suitable for you.

Finally, I would like to remind all investors that if the value of Bitcoin plummets, the profit of mining will also drop rapidly. As a result, the value of miners will also decline, but the electricity bills and the cost of existing miners will still be there. If the miner’s cost cannot make ends meet, the miner can only be shut down, and even the miners can only sell the mining equipment to recover the cost, resulting in the so-called mining disaster. This is also what investors need to pay attention to when buying bitcoin miners.