Finding love is not an easy thing, and you may find yourself single and lonely for years. Unlike before, when you could simply make friends/couple with people outside, today, it seems strange and scary. Hardly every person went online, and expect to socialize out there. Dating and relationships became the same virtual benefits. To find your soulmate, you may use dating chatbots,  

What Are Chatbots Today? 

Chatbots are simply designated programs that facilitate the running of one website or service. They are not solely found on dating websites, however, those who decided to add them there might be billionaires by now. You are most likely to chat with a chatbot in your past. For instance, when you visited one website like meal kit delivery, and they were off working hours but their live chat was on. You sent your inquiry there and received an answer immediately. The chatbot uses AI that helps to overlook and seek keywords in your sentences, and then generate the best possible answer.

The same concerns dating websites either scam ones or legit and trustworthy like When choosing the latter one, you access a depository of real women/men for communication, while a chatbot only helps to match you with the best person. 

So, what do chatbots do?

  • They help manage customers’ inquiries through a live chat;
  • They run moderate chats on social media;
  • They answer FAQs regarding one specific product, knowledge, service, etc.
  • They help match the couples.

It is just an approximate list of capabilities of chatbots since it is AI, and the technology itself is being constantly developed.

Chatbots and Finding a Real Love – Scam or Not?

Let’s be honest, the more technologies appear, the more people want to yield fruits with them, and not always in favor of others. Chatbots are a real deal when you want to boost your business and attract leads or regular customers. At the same time, some dating websites may use chatbots for very bad purposes. 

For instance, when you communicate with a lady on a russian dating website, you expect her to be real, right? Let her be dishonest, or a scammer but she should be a real human. At least you know that you do not waste your time on a robot. Some dating websites use chatbots as ladies. So, you speak all the time with AI and get hooked on an imaginary partner. How to spot such things? Look AI is very smart, strange it may sound, however, the answers you receive from a partner will look too suspicious. However, the best way to avoid such experiences is to use only trustworthy dating websites

At the same time, some chatbots are good matchmakers. For instance, instead of browsing hundreds of profiles to find your soulmate, a chatbot will ask you basic questions about your preferences, age, nationality, and will match you with the best candidate. Of course, a chatbox cannot know for sure whether you like the matched candidate, however, the technology seeks coincidences. All you have to do further on is just to reveal the interest or look for another partner.

All in all, chatbots may equally enhance your relationship and spoil your mood completely. When seeking love online, ensure a dating website won’t involve you in communications with chatbots only. However, the best advice is to still look for a partner non virtually.