The Army football program removed a slogan from merchandise and a team flag earlier this year after administrators were told that the phrase originated with white supremacist gangs.

For the past several years, the Black Knights have taken the field for each game flying a pair of banners: the American flag and a black skull-and-crossbones flag with four letters inscribed on what would be the upper lip of the skull: GFBD.

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The acronym is shorthand for “God Forgives, Brothers Don’t” and has been part of the football program’s lexicon since the mid-1990s.

West Point officials and members of the athletic department said they were unaware that the phrase links to motorcycle gangs and Aryan Brotherhood sects until that connection was brought to their attention in September.

 The GFBD phrase wasn’t made part of that symbolism by football players until 1996.

A group of players adopted the phrase after seeing it in the action movie “Stone Cold,” starring former NFL linebacker Brian Bosworth.

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