The Houston Astros picked up an 8-7 win on Sunday to finish off a sweep of the Texas Rangers.  It was how they won the game that has everyone talking.

With runners on second and third in a 7-7 game, Rangers reliever Keone Kela tried to quick pitch batter Evan Gattis, a move that is not allowed with runners on base.  There was no call for a balk.

That is not until Astros manager A.J. Hinch convinced the umpires to call one.  Which they eventually did, giving the Astros the lead.

The umpires did get the call right in the end, but if you’re a Rangers fan you’re not happy.  Call it when it occurs or don’t call it at all.

Rangers manager Jeff Banister let the umpires know he wasn’t happy with the after the fact call and was sent to the showers.