The Canadian Grand Prix officially finished two laps ahead of schedule after supermodel Winnie Harlow waved the chequered flag prematurely.  

Model Winnie Harlow waved the chequered flag on the 69th lap of the 70-lap race. Under article 43.2 of the F1 sporting regulations, the result is therefore taken based on the positions of the race on lap 68.

Harlow had been at the race as a guest of Formula One and is a friend of Lewis Hamilton.  

Race leader Sebastian Vettel had this to say about the situation: 

“Fortunately I had a lap count in the car, and the pit board was accurate,” he said. “But if you lose radio and maybe the pit board is not there, then you back off. Then being in the lead, you hope all the others back off as well.

“I think it’s probably not a question for us. I was worried. I told them on the last lap so that people don’t jump on the track, waving flags and celebrating, because we’re still going at full pace. I don’t know what happened.”

This has happened once before, in a gaffe while on chequered flag duties, Brazilian football legend Pele failed to wave the flag at the right moment when given the responsibility for his home nation’s 2002 race. Maybe it’s time to scrap this flag waving nonsense?