Aug 12, 2017; London, United Kingdom; Mo Farah aka Mohamed Farah (GBR) reacts after placing second in the 5,000m during the IAAF World Championships in Athletics at London Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Park. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Being an athlete can be extremely challenging and it needs a lot of struggle to achieve what all the world-famous athletes and sportsmen have achieved, but being an immigrant and then leaving your mark can be one of the hardest things. We use the word immigration very casually, however, these immigrants have struggled and seen the harsh realities of life, they have faced the discrimination, the inequalities more than usual, and have lived through it all without giving up once. They have focused on their work, their passion, and with so much hard work and with a tiny ray of sunshine and a bit of hope, these people have achieved so much in their life. They have made people love them for their work, and not care about where they came from. Mentioned below is a list of athletes and sportsmen who have achieved so much but are immigrants.

List of athletes who immigrated

  1.       Mo Farah – Brought up in war-torn Somalia, Farah’s family was allowed political refuge when he was 12 and they joined his dad in west London. In any case, his twin sibling was left behind in Africa because of disease while his cherished grandma set out toward Holland. Adjusting to a new life in England was dubious for Farah, so he took to sports. He proceeded to turn out to be Britain’s most noteworthy ever long-distance sprinter and, at the hour of composing, has 12 gold awards – including two from London 2012 – and seven silver.
  2.       Kevin Pietersen – Kevin Pietersen moved to England at 17 years old subsequent to being dropped by his South African top-notch side Natal – which he felt was because of the nation’s racial share framework, where common sides were required to have at any rate four non-white players. His English mother made him qualified to play for England and, in the wake of serving passing time of four years playing at region level with Nottinghamshire, he was called up promptly into the national side – where he has become a pillar with an advantageous distinction’s rundown and records in abundance.

However, Pietersen is in no way, shape or form, the only immigrated England cricket saint as of late.

  1.       Luol Deng – Britain’s best basketball player ever, Luol Deng has been an NBA star for a long time and drove Team GB at the 2012 Olympics. As of now playing for Miami Heat, Deng went through 10 years with the Chicago Bulls and has recently been chosen for the NBA’s All-Star group. Deng, 30, originates from the Dinka clan in Sudan, a nation crushed by common war. His family moved to Alexandria in Egypt and Deng didn’t see his dad for a long time, before they were conceded political haven in south London, leaving for America when he was 14.
  2.       Sarah and Ysra Mardini – An emotional story of two youthful swimmers who required all their ability in the water to endure the long section out of Syria. Sarah and Ysra Mardini fled the Syrian clash, swam and held tight to an inflatable dinghy from Turkey to Greece, having recently left Syria through Lebanon. Having ventured through Austria to Germany, the sisters have been invited by a swimming club in Berlin close to their refugee shelter.
  3.       Shefki Kuqi – Kuqi, 39, was a striker who played for different clubs in England, including Sheffield Wednesday, Ipswich Town, Crystal Palace, and Newcastle during an expert vocation where he got known as a committed and physical forward. In 1989, when Kuqi was 12, his family moved to Finland to get away from the war between the Serbs and Kosovans. He experienced childhood in Kosovo, then Yugoslavia. Kuqi has played for Finland multiple times.

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