Divorce not only separates two people, but it divides the whole family. It divides the children, pets, money, assets and most of all the relationships of the family. But if a professional athlete divorces his wife, that’s where we Galveston family Law group comes in the picture. 

It is the dissolution of a marriage between two parties. It is the canceling of legal duties and rights. People can never differentiate between divorce and separation. Divorce is the legal way of canceling your rights and duties while separation is that they are still married but do not live together. It is also the same way for professional athletes. They are famous, have financial assets and financial planning. They do not spend their money wisely. This is where Galveston divorce lawyer comes in to help them with their financial assets and privacy when their divorce comes.   


A professional athlete’s marriage often ends very easily. They are going through the financial or emotional detachment of their individuals. It is so difficult for the lifestyle they have chosen. At Galveston Divorce lawyer’s office, you will be fully assisted with your retirement plans. Careers are short. Even the most hopeful or lucky athlete would find his/her career instantly ending by an injury. The health insurance would not be enough for them to come back into their lifestyle. Financial planning is by no means a regular feature. Sometimes pensions do not often figure even through you retire in your thirties. You do not know what your future might hold. Retirement has its own challenges, and depression can come to you if you do not have another activity figured out. Anything acquired during the marriage can be shared between two parties. It is important for athletes to know how much property and assets they have. The obtained property should be kept in check all the time. They are famous so they could be framed. Framing leads to jail which can be the cause of divorce. Galveston Divorce Lawyer works alongside your financial advisors and accountants to get an accurate picture of your financial position. You can be ensured of your debts. You will eradicate your liabilities.


The privacy of an athlete’s personal matters is important. As a pro-athlete becomes famous, he/she has no personal space. Even on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat they can be exposed for their family time which can led to divorce. If people learned about their personal matter and this news would spread, and then it would affect them mentally. Galveston Divorce Lawyers make sure that this affair is disclosed in secret. Galveston divorce lawyer’s office would further the process of the divorce. Media will know nothing about it till you announce it. They make sure to never let the two be disturbed by the Paparazzi. For those high net worth athlets planning to get married. We would advise them to consider entering into consent with their partner before they do so. The pre-marital consent will set out what the financial consent will be in the event that the marriage should end in divorce. For those already married, it is possible to enter into a postnuptial consent which again will set out how the assets will be divided on divorce.