Look like Baker Mayfield isn’t the only one who feels Hue Jackson isn’t the greatest guy in the world. 

First let’s start with Baker’s comments. 

Baker Mayfield said Wednesday that he has no regrets about calling former coach Hue Jackson “fake:

Mayfield continued on, and acknowledged that he referred to Jackson as “fake,” but he declined to explain why.

Earlier in the week ESPN’s Damien Woody criticized Mayfield on First Take, Mayfield shot back with a comment on First Take’s Instagram post.

Mayfield said he’s going to state his opinion, that he always has, and that nobody should be surprised when he does.

His brother Matthew also chimed in, ripping Damien Woody and Hue Jackson.  

Mayfield said his brother’s post was “protective.”

You can’t blame his brother for trying to protect Baker, but adding fuel to the fire surely won’t help end this Hue Jackson media cycle.

Tight Crew. 

You can check out more pics of Baker’s brother Matthew below: 

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