Soccer players from the Belgian club Espoir Minerois have become embroiled in a huge sex scandal after a video of them having sex with a naked woman in the team’s bar went viral on social media.

Several players dressed in Espoir Minerois gear were filmed in a club cafeteria with the naked girl who was involved in sexual acts performed in the public place.

The first video which circulated on social media shows her crawling on the floor while completely undressed.

At the end of the clip the young woman, who was reportedly of age, approaches one of the players to allegedly perform oral sex on him.

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The second video included X-rated scenes with her lying on a massage bench and being penetrated by one of the athletes. She is not seen trying to stop the man or resist his actions.

The sex scenes were allegedly filmed by one of the players after a training session on September 20 before being shared online.

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