Looks like the Sixers biggest fan is going to be a no show for this year’s NBA Playoffs.  

Kendall and Ben have been together since Summer 2018, and the time has come to face reality, this couple is no longer together. 

Not only that, our source tells us the two have already moved on. 

From our exclusive source: 

Ben just had another girl at his apartment after the game. She was with him in his apartment playing with Ben’s dog and Ben Just recently followed her too. I guess both of them Moving on already.

You can see the screenshot of Ben’s new girl below: 

Check out some pics of Ben’s new girl Giovanna below:  

Now onto Kendall, from our source below:  

Kendall spent the Coachella weekend with Cully Smoller who was also with Anwar Hadid the whole weekend and slept at her house in Palm springs.  And Kendall was with Gigi hadid and Alana hadid, who were also with anwar the whole weekend. She even attended a party run by pizzaslime with Anwar. She Tried to be lowkey about it and make it look like she went home for the night, but she got changed and came back out to attend the party with him. There were hardly any vids/pics from her friends of her at coachella for some odd reason. She was trying to go under the radar.

Hard to see Ben and Kendall going their separate ways, but this is what happens when two very young people date. 

They usually keep it moving. 

We’ll keep an eye on these two to see if they rekindle their love affair. 

Sometimes you just have to Trust the Process. 

Check out Kendall’s Hot Pics below: 

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