So far one of the most popular additions in the passive exercises is Whole Body vibration. This is also called as Power Plate exercise, introduced first to train Russian astronauts through the rudimentary plates that stimulate different aspects of space traveling. Its positive effects on human health spread vividly all around the world in no time. Now almost all countries including the USA, France, and China start using full-body vibration machines in their space training. 

Full body vibration is the kind of treatment that has been considered as one of the most pivotal roles in enhancing the neuromuscular performance of the body; improve muscle strength and above all the standard of quality of life. There are some prescribed exercises with a technique that involves standing and holding positions on the machine designed for whole-body vibration. 

It is used to treat patients of osteoporosis to boost their bone mineral density, and later to help in improving neuromuscular in older people. 

How does WBV WORK?

The commonly popular form of vibrating exercise features a patient stand on a platform with his knees bent over it at a 30 degrees angle. Once the patient has taken the position, upon flipping the switch the vibrator start working. In different vibrating machines, the speed varies, but the common setting is 30 VPS (vibration per second) on an average. The surface under their feet vibrates 30 times per second. This vibration tricks the human body that they are going to fall which activates the stress reflex. This is the extreme rapid contraction of the muscle. And this muscle contraction is responsible for many benefits featured to WBV kind of exercises. 

Some benefits of full-body vibration machines are listed here so you can confidently use it if needed. 

1. Improve Muscle Strength 

Improving muscle strength was the major reason for implementing WBV for early Russian astronauts and modern science has approved it as the correct theory. This therapy helps in increasing metabolism and burning fat and toning muscle strength. The waves WBC carries stimulate muscles that lengthen them and craft them tight.

During this kind of exercise, your muscles contract more in a well mannered rhythmic flow which eventually enhances your blood flow and circulation. This circulation helps in sending oxygen all over your body which ensures every cell restocked, with improved organ function and improve muscles. 

2. Effective in Chronic Pain Conditions

Pain is the most common symptom of diabetic peripheral neuropathy, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia. This full-body vibration treatment has shown numerous benefits, which are not treated by any other method. It has been found through researches that people who are suffering from other joint pains or chronic knee pains feel relief after practicing whole-body vibration with a combination of some home-based exercises. 

Respectively if chronic pain is not directly associated with any specific disease or illness; kind of lower back pain. Some researches indicated that full-body vibration therapy can successfully alleviate the pain. 

3. For Athletes

It has shown in studies that resistance training can improve muscle strength but if you add whole-body vibration with resistance exercises you will increase strength gains. Overall, if you are looking for a stronger muscle, go for a whole-body vibration machine. 

Sportspersons can use full-body vibration techniques before going to any competition particularly any sports that required bursts and some vertical jumps. This can naturally increase the jumping ability and if you need significant enhancement in your performance, take this therapy for a longer-term. 

4. Reduce Negative Impact

There is a hormone named Cortisol released when the human body is in the condition of stress, this hormone leaves you to headache, anxiety, and depression. It seems impossible to eliminate stress in this modern world, and this makes us find the solution one after another. Researchers showed us that whole-body vibrating is one more area where regular use of whole-body vibration platforms can help you out.

According to the European Journal of Applied Physiology WBV reduce cortisol among men by increasing the level of human growth hormone. Both men and women come up with the same results when German Cologne University took blood samples before, during and after the therapy. The WBV exercises effectively reduce the glucose level and stimulate thyroid hormones. 

5. Increase Bone Density

No doubt as you get older you become wiser, but same time your bones also become weaker which is more fragile. For some people particularly women have greater threats because of osteoporosis which increases the risk of broken bones. This is quite common in elder people and women having menopause so they should take calcium supplements and change their diet so their bones can stay strong for a longer period. You can protect your bones with this whole-body vibration amazing technology.

One can increase the bone mass by standing or sitting on the WBV platform, it is medically approved by scientists. This is the best way of keeping one’s bones safe by strengthening it without performing high-intensity workouts. This is not just helpful for the elderly but for postmenopausal women who want to save their bone density because of some hormonal changes. This platform also helps people of all ages who are not able to do any work out due to any medical limitations.

After going through this phenomenal list of numerous benefits of this therapy, you should have realized that this is the best therapy for people from all age groups. No matter what is their age, gender, physical condition or fitness; they can get maximum results out of this whole Body Vibration machine. There are multiple ways to make this machine work for those who can’t even do exercise in any way. This is likely to be a part of every fitness center that provides opportunity whole-body vibration. Or people can invest in their platform for their homes. This allows you to stay fit by using it before going for work, after dinner or anytime with no excuse.

Now, this is up to you to make this routine more challenging, by doing squats during making your balance.

Once you make habit of doing workout on these machines, you will be able to improve your bone density, muscle tone, blood circulation. And your skin will start glowing ultimately; also you can shed weight without straining.