People who are in the routine of running as a part of their daily routine may find it difficult to pause their jogging sessions during winters. It makes them super cranky and agitated. It also breaks their workout tempo. So, how do you handle those cold, snowy winter days when you have to stay stuck at home? How do you manage to uphold your running routines in those excruciatingly cold winter days?

Maintaining your running routine outside of your house is possible and not that difficult. You don’t need to stay stuck in your home to avoid the winter chills. Wearing specific winter running gears will help you keep the cold weather at bay. It may even make your running better by making you more comfortable in those cozy winter gears.

The key to winter jogs is to put on layers of clothing. It will help you in maintaining your body temperature once you start running and your body starts heating up. Once the body temperature rises, you can take off one layer of clothing to make sure you do not overheat.

In the following paragraphs, we have listed down a few essential pieces of gear that you can wear for your running sessions during winters to beat the cold chills.

  • A Winter Beanie or A Headband:

Depending on the temperature, you may choose to wear a winter beanie or a headband. When the temperatures become a little too cold, wearing a head covering may become essential. Covering your ears and head will help you in keeping yourself warm. A beanie will be suitable for harsher winters since it will cover your entire head and provide you with more warmth. A headband, however, will only cover your ears. You can wear a headband on the onset of winters when it’s just mildly cold.

  • A Fitted Base-Shirt:

Since in winters it is all about layering up to keep yourself warm, get yourself a fitted, full sleeves inner. The inner would help you stay warm and cozy. It is preferable if the inner base-shirt is tight-fit since it will prevent air from flowing into your shirt while you run. Keeping the cold air out will ensure your body stays warm.

Make sure your inner base shirt is moisture-wicking. A piece of clothing that is moisture-wicking will help ensure that the sweat that comes out while you run is pulled out to the surface of the shirt and then evaporated. This feature helps you not to feel cold because of the sweat. You can also have an inner shirt that has a neck-coverage since the cold weather can travel through your neck to the other parts of the body.

  • A Vest:

Wearing a vest over your base shirt will help you in keeping your core heated while your arms would stay free. Often, vests are sleeveless and made of wind and sweat resistant material. A vest will help you in adding an extra layer of warmth to your entire outfit. It will also ensure that your body does not overheat by allowing your hands to stay free.

  • A Hooded Jacket:

A jacket is essential clothing in your winter running attire. Make sure you get a fitted one to avoid letting cold air pass through. Also, a coat that has a hood or a neck and face-covering will be suitable for freezing weather. However, do not opt for an extremely thick running jacket because your body will also produce some warmth while running, and you may feel overheated.

  • Wind-Resistant Gloves:

One gear that would save you from the winter chills during your running sessions is wind-resistant hand gloves. When the snow falls or the weather turns too cold, covering your hand would be the best thing to do. You would not want to leave your hands to freeze in the cold weather. Also, since your hands would be out in the front during the run, wind-resistant material is more appropriate. It will avoid your hands from chilling in the winter wind.

If it is slightly chilly, a pair of wool gloves would also do the job in warming you suitably. However, if the weather is beyond cold, you might need to wear heavy-insulated hand covers. If you like to travel with your phone, it will also be helpful if you buy gloves that have touch-screen compatibility. 

Many running shirts and inners nowadays come with attached mittens or thumbholes to protect your hands from the icy air. It is a great way to keep yourselves warm without putting an extra layer of gloves. It will also be helpful if you are not fond of wearing something on your hands.

  • Tights:

Your tights would be the most critical covering in your running attire since it would cover your legs. Not covering your legs adequately will make things worse for your running session. You need to be comfortable and cozy, which will happen if you are warm and not shivering. Hence, getting the right pair of tights is crucial.

If it is near to freezing, wearing full-length insulated tights would be your best option. However, if it is slightly cold, you can try wearing three-quarter pants with long socks. It will aid you in removing a layer if you feel too warm during the run.

  • Socks:

For winter runs, moisture-wicking socks would be the most appropriate. You are supposed to sweat during your workouts. It is not safe if the sweat absorbs in your shirt and stays there. It will make you feel colder and presents risks of hypothermia which is a condition resulting from severe cold. It is why moisture-wicking clothing is advisable for workouts during winters.

  • Running Shoes:

If you are planning to run on hard snow which might be slippery, then it is safe to advise that your regular running shoes might not be that secure. It is because hard snow is icy, and while running, you might slip and injure yourself. You can invest in new shoes but also, if you are a little tight on budget, consider investing in some sorts of spiked accessories. These spikes would allow your boots to have an adequate grip and prevent slipping incidents.

On the other hand, if it is softer snow you often run on then consider getting yourself water-proof, running short gaiters. For deep snow, getting running snow boots might be the best way to go.


Winter running is fun and enjoyable if you gear yourself up the appropriate way. The start of the chilly winter season does not necessarily mean you take your workout sessions inside the house. Wear the proper winter attire to make yourself cozy and warm while you sweat out during this winter season.