The Steelers have a big divisional game this weekend against the Bengals, who are currently sitting on top of the AFC North.  As with any rivalry game the verbal shots come long before the kickoff.

Cincinnati’s defensive end Carlos Dunlap got things started on Wednesday afternoon when he talked about sacking a quarterback like Ben Roethlisberger.  The 280-pound pass rusher called the Steelers QB a 300-pound QB. 

Via Total Pro Sports:

“Anytime you try to tackle a 300-pound quarterback, it’s going to be pretty difficult, but our mentality is to get to the quarterback & once you get to him … you’ve got to bring him down within the rules”

That’s a pretty savage line from Dunlap, but trash-talk is the foreplay of a rivalry game.  Big Ben will probably brush off the comment and secretly want to know how Dunlap knew that he isn’t the listed 241-pounds.