Josh Norman appeared on “Dancing With the Stars” in the spring, commuting during the OTA sessions, but making each practice. 

He told Yahoo! Sports earlier this week about his post-football plans to become an actor. During the Redskins’ bye week, Norman flew to California to take part in preproduction work for a sitcom called “Taking ConTroll.”

In the past week Norman has been called the team’s third-best corner and also someone focused on celebrity who has gone Hollywood.

Norman said he does these things because he can.

“A lot of people can’t. So they don’t. Or they’re afraid. But I’m not, because I’m totally different from people,” Norman said. “And if I’m different and if I feel like I want to do something, I’m going to do that. If you call that Hollywood, so be it. Guess what? I’ll get my check from Hollywood. And I’ll come back and I’ll play ball. That’s just what we do. I mean, I look at those things and I have to take into consideration, man, what’s important to me. And this is first and foremost. This is first love, man. It’s God, family and football. Nothing more, nothing less. And what I do outside of that is my extracurricular activities.”

Norman became the NFL’s highest-paid corner when he signed a five-year, $75 million deal with Washington in the 2016 offseason.  

Norman is a very smart man. He got that big of a paycheck solely based off his mouth. Being Hollywood clearly pays the bills. At this point his play speaks for itself.