Netflix is wooing more and more customers each day with quality content and the sheer selection of movies on every topic. So, whether you are a fan of drama, emotion, comedy, mystery, thriller, action, or romance, Netflix has something for everyone.

Considering the humongous mass following of sports in Britain, there is no wonder that some of the best British tv shows and movies are based on sports.

Today, we bring you the cuisine of activity and passion for sports. So, sit tight and enjoy this adventurous ride with us.

1.  Twenty-Four Seven

As a kid, Alan Darcy escaped getting dragged into violent gang life in Nottingham by channeling his rage into a boxing gym. Years later, the same dark temptations of crime and narcotics drew him into a downward spiral threatening to entice a new generation of young public housing residents.

Alan reopens the gym he used to go to as a kid with the help of criminal Ronnie Marsh and begins preparing his problematic recruits for a public boxing battle.

2. Looking For Eric

Eric Bishop’s life has been falling apart since his wife left him. His two adolescent sons don’t care about him; his job at the post office is becoming unfulfilling. Furthermore, he ends up in the hospital following a vehicle accident.

He consumes marijuana one night and sees Eric Cantona, his favorite Manchester United soccer player. Eric tries to straighten out his life with the help of his idol and his daughter.

3. The Flying Scotsman

Graeme Obree, the proprietor of a failing cycling business, rose to prominence as a racing cyclist. But, despite the steadfast support of his wife Anne and friend Malky, he faces significant challenges in his quest: his mental condition and a lack of sponsorships.

Despite this, Graeme starts on his quest for his ambition, riding a handcrafted bicycle dubbed “Old Faithful.”

4. There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble

Jimmy Grimble aspires to be an excellent football player; if he could, life would be simple. He’d meet a nice girl, avoid being teased at school, and, if he was particularly good, an apprenticeship could be offered, but he is a terrible player.

Things start to change for Jimmy one day when he is chosen to play for his school team and makes a spectacular goal, and he gains confidence that affects and brightens the lives of everyone around him.

5. Bend It Like Beckham

Jess Bhamra is 18 and belongs to a traditional Indian couple. Following the family restrictions, she is not allowed to play soccer.

As she is appeasing her passion by playing for the sheer fun of it, Jules Paxton notices her remarkable skills and convinces her to join her semi-pro team.

Soon, she starts developing feelings for the coach and makes intricate excuses to hide her matches from her family.

David Beckham is a legendary former soccer player, and the movie tries to enlighten the parents that their kids can be the net Beckham.


Our pick of the best British sports movies can help you feel the thrill of a good game. So, invite your friends over and share the fun with your gang.