Today, all businesses must have a YouTube channel or at least produce videos that highlight their products and services. The most common way to get a video material done edited is through hiring a freelance video editor. However, it can be a lot more financially practical if you just edit the video yourself.

Many people do not edit their own videos, thinking that editing software is expensive. The truth is that there are many free video editing tools that you can use, and this is what we will share with you today.


Blender is not just video editing but 3D animation software. Here, you can upload your videos, add sounds, remove them, cut the video and make animations as much as you want. This is a tool that you can use to create video games like the ones you see in the Wulkan Wegas casino.

Blender is an open-source program, which makes it 100% completely free. There is no need to buy an extension package to unlock all the power of the software. As a 3D animation tool, it has all the things that you need to edit videos. The thing with Blender is that it is complicated to use, and at first, it can really be intimidating. If you decide to use it, be ready as this is something that professionals use in the animation industry.

Da Vinci Resolve

This is a powerful video editing software that allows you to edit in 8K resolution. It has colour correction tools, audio effects and even tools for visual effects. This software is now becoming the go-to of professional filmmakers.

Here are some features:

  • Dual timeline
  • Dedicated trim interface
  • Picture effects, audio effects and image stabilization
  • Facial recognition

What’s great with Da Vinci Resolve is that you can use it to edit your videos online and offline. It has a high-performing engine that allows you to cut and stitch videos faster.


OpenShot was designed for the user. The interface is so simple that any beginner can easily understand how it works. As such, this is a great option for beginners. However, this is best only for beginners. It does not have the complex functions of many video editing software tools.

Here are some features you may like:

  • No limits on the watermarks and audio tracks
  • Customizable templates for your title cards
  • Has a drag-and-drop function, so you no longer have to import your files to your library
  • Has tools that will help you to add video effects, sound effects, and many more
  • Has gamma effect, hue saturation, grey scale and chroma key detailing options.

What’s great about the tool is that it also offers animation capabilities. Despite its simplicity, it does allow users to use keyframes. As such, you can put many still images and make them “move.”

Movie Maker 10

For some reason, Windows no longer has the Movie Maker as a default part of its operating system. What you will find is called Video Editor. Despite this, you can still get Movie Maker 10 if you want to do basic video editing only.

It comes in a free version, which you have to get from the Microsoft app store. Here are the features:

  • Trim, stitch and also rotate video clips
  • Add simple transitions
  • Use free music from the music library
  • Edit the background music
  • Download your finished product in different file formats like MP4, AVI, MPEG, and many others
  • Add captions and text overlays
  • Add emoticons and change title slides.

What makes Movie Maker 10 one of the best video editors out there is its simplicity. At the lower section of your storyboard, you can easily see all your clips and then move them around the way you want to. Also, the thumbnails in the timeline are all of the same sizes, which makes it easier for you to see what they are about.

The thing with this editor is that it has no layers. What this means is that you can only work with a linear storyline. You cannot put a new video on top of the other. This is a drawback because you cannot put a video overlay or an image overlay on top of a video that you are already making. Despite this, you have to seriously consider the Movie Maker if you are only working on simple projects.

Do not be afraid to test these free tools. Just know that some will not give you access to the software’s full capabilities unless you buy the entire module. Some will even have a watermark or put their trademark logo on your video. This is not that obtrusive and should not really be a bother if you are just making simple videos for your business or YouTube channel.