Everything is mobile now. We get an Uber, order food, shop, and even text the therapist through an app. Gaming is no exception. Mobile gaming and gambling are among the biggest trends of the gaming industry in recent years. They are convenient, entertaining, and affordable (even free in many cases), so there is nothing surprising about the growing popularity of mobile games. Here are some of the most popular ones that deserve anyone’s time.

PUBG Mobile

If you are into mobile gaming, there is no way you have not heard of PUBG Mobile. Released in March 2019, it has over one billion downloads and is the top one on the list of most popular mobile games. PUBG Mobile is actually a mobile version of a popular battle royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). It is a multiplayer shooter, nothing too original, but the excellent gameplay with a nice touch of horror makes both PUBG and PUBG Mobile very addictive.

Goblin’s Cave

Goblin’s Cave is actually a mobile slot, and it obviously cannot compare to PUBG in terms of popularity. However, it is the most popular mobile slot game out there, and rightly so. Even though Goblin’s Cave is a 3-reel slot (those tend to be less well-liked compared to 5-reel ones), it has great graphics, a good bonus system, and an actual plot. If you are looking into trying slots, Goblin’s Cave is the right first choice. There is an excellent selection of slots for gambling in Australia with no risk, and Goblin’s Cave is available too.

Pokemon Go

Unlike Goblin’s Cave, Pokemon Go is a more ‘traditional’ mobile game in that it is not a slot. However, it is also an AR (Augmented Reality) game, so traditional may not be the right word for it. In Pokemon Go, players get to catch Pokemons in actual real-life locations (hence the ‘AR’ in the description). What is more, it is free-to-play. So, while you can spend as much money as you want on different in-app purchases and extensions, you also get to play for free.

Jurassic Giants

Jurassic Giants is another mobile slot on this list. It has nothing in common with Goblin’s Cave but is no less enjoyable. As the name suggests, players find themselves in a prehistoric jungle, so any Jurassic Park lover is guaranteed to love Jurassic Giants. Also, it is one of the few high-quality mobile slots easy to play in portrait mode, so add convenience to the list of Jurassic Giants’ merits. As Jurassic World: Dominion (2022) is scheduled to hit the screens soon, Jurassic Giants is a great way to get in the right mood.

Candy Crush Saga

Here comes the game that used to be the leader of mobile gaming. It may no longer be the case, but Candy Crush is still going strong. It currently holds sixth place on the list of most downloaded mobile games. There is no need to explain what Candy Crush is all about. Basically, the only thing you need to do as a player is swap colored candy to make matches of the same color. The rumor has it players can easily spend two to three hours playing Candy Crush. It is a great choice when you need to kill time (say, on the train).

Subway Surfers

If you keep having nightmares about running through labyrinths in search of a way out, Subway Surfers may not be the best choice for you. Otherwise, go for it. Just like Candy Crush Saga, it is a cool way to kill an hour or two and boost your adrenaline a little. In Subway Surfers, the player gets to play for a graffiti artist trying to escape from a cop in a subway railroad system. The graphics are not particularly sophisticated, but this does not really affect the quality of the gaming experience.