Online casinos have become a crucial component of the gambling industry. One of the fastest-growing is live Hold’em. There is no day you will mention poker without speaking about hold’em. However, to be a great player of Hold’em, you have to learn some of the essential poker strategies. The strategies will make you prepared and more comfortable in any game you play.

Below are some of the crucial strategies to help you get the best gaming experience.

Choose a perfect opening hand that can make you money

When playing live Hold’em, the hand you choose is very critical. Hands are the starting point for any game. When deciding which hand to play, you should consider its position, i.e. you can broaden your starting hand range the closer you get to the button. Besides, you should also consider the number of players in a hand. For instance, when playing against one player, hands can have less value as compared to playing with around six players. Choose hands that have hand strength with the consideration of how much money it will make you.

Bet sizing with confidence

Bet sizing is one of the most critical strategies in playing live Hold’em. Even if you know how to play live Holdem perfectly, you will often find yourself in trouble because of the ability to bet whatever is in front of you. This calls for bet sizing skills. One of the best tips is to follow keenly what is happening at your table. For instance, if your table has a standard pre-flop raise is 2.5*BB, you should use the same standard and not try to raise an odd amount as this could backfire. Your bet size has to make sense to your other opponents. When bluffing, you should not bluff in large pots as this could also backfire. For instance, if you want to bluff in a $40, and your bet is $40, you could lose if you are wrong and your opponent decides to call.

Avoid limping

Limping is terrible for you, and you should avoid it. When you limp in late positions, you allow the blinds an easy pass to see the flop for cheap. Besides, when you limp into a pot when you are out of position is very risky. If you hit the board hard, you can end up not getting any value for your hand. And if you hit the top pair, you’ll be in trouble when a better kicker beats your hand.

If you want to limp, there is only one instance where limping is advisable. That is when the game is super-passive, and you are in an excellent position to see a flop for cheap with a speculative hand. This usually implies good odds.

Know when to fold

Poker is as much about the money you make and the money you save. Thus, knowing when to fold is a critical part when playing live Hold’em. Folding will help maintain your bankroll and make you a good gambler.


Knowing how to play live Holdem does not necessarily mean you are already a winner. Many things make a good player. However, if you master the strategies mentioned above, like knowing when to fold, deciding on bet sizes, and limping, you will be a better player and will give your opponents a run for their money.