When talking about betting and the games available for this entertainment, there is one which for many stands out as the most fun. Scratch cards. These are instant games; they come in square-like cards and have hidden symbols. It is quite simple to play, you can do it as often as you see fit, and you can play it both live and online. Here are more details on the matter.

How it Started

Online scratch cards are relatively new in the gambling world, but the traditional type has been around since 1974. Two employees from the USA, working for Scientific Games Corporation, thought that waiting for a whole week to know whether your lottery ticket has won is simply too long. So, they decided to create a quicker way to see if you got lucky.

So, when a scientist and marketing expert put their minds to work, they created the first scratch card. As you can imagine, it was a huge success, and it still is. Sure, it changed, as times do; but the initial thought is still present. Players still feel the satisfaction of knowing if they have won in a short period. In minutes, really.

Scratch Cards 101

As already mentioned above, and as the name suggests, these are cards that need to be scratched to reveal the hidden symbols. Most of the options available out there come with a 3×3 grid, but there are some that feature multiple different grid formations.

The main goal of the game is to find the required number of symbols. Usually, this number is found on the card’s surface, and if you get it, you get a reward. Most often, the games require the player to match three symbols in order to receive a payout.

The Dilemma: Online or Traditional Scratch Cards

Many will surely remember the thrill of going to the small corner shop, buying a scratch card, and revealing the symbols one by one to see if you got the big win. As thrilling as this sounds, today you can enjoy that thrill from the comfort of your home while enjoying a cup of coffee or when you are on your way to work.

Thanks to online casinos such as Vulkan Vegas, Gratorama, or Mega Reel, and many, many more, now you can have all different types of scratch cards available at the tip of your thumb, quite literally. You are just a few clicks away from fun, luck, and wins.

A Few Tricks to Win More Often

First, start by checking the jackpot. It is understandable that big numbers seem attractive, but quite often huge wins mean that the chances of winning are slimmer. Instead, if you prefer playing with a greater chance of a win, albeit slightly smaller, then opt for an online scratch card that promises a modest jackpot prize.

Second, set a limit that you will stick to. Before you start betting, decide how much you plan to spend on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis – and don’t go overboard even if your hunch tells you that today is the day for big wins. If you plan, you won’t spend more than you really can, and you will still have a big chance of getting your money’s worth.

Third, be consistent when you make a decision. There are two strategies that players most often rely on. You can either purchase more cards and play for a longer time, or you can buy more expensive online scratch cards and go for bigger jackpots. Whatever the decision – don’t stray.

Fourth, and final – enjoy and have fun. Besides the winnings, these games are very entertaining, and whether you lose or win today, you still need to have fun. Choose card options that you find pleasing and start scratching.