This is the longest stretch on the NFL calendar during the offseason. The vast bulk of significant talent has found a new home, and the majority of available big-name free agents are long past their prime.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any young playmakers available in late June, and we’ve identified ten of the best. Some of the most recent signings include 28-year-olds Fabian Moreau (Houston Texans) and Larry Ogunjobi (Pittsburgh Steelers). Don’t be shocked if our top players appear someplace soon as well and will become popular bets on many international casino sites, like those found here.

Each player is under 30 years old and graded based on their projected impact in 2022. Let’s take a look at the group and come up with some top prospective landing sites while we’re at it. 

Odell Beckham JR

Odell Beckham Jr. is the last true star left on the free-agent market. The receiver will be 30 in November and might be back on the field around that time after suffering a ruptured ACL in the Super Bowl.

Beckham is no longer the tremendous athlete he used to be, capable of routinely making big plays or averaging 100 yards each game. However, he is a strong route runner with quickness off the line and in his cutbacks. It’s still impossible to guard him one-on-one, but his time in Los Angeles proved naysayers wrong.

Beckham might change an offence midseason, as he did for the Rams in 2021 if he is eased into his role. Offences that require intermediate gains and precision from a playmaker might consider Beckham. Of course, they’ll need to be patient as he recovers from his knee injury.

Landon Collins

Landon Collins (safety) is one of the more specialized defensive players still available. He had 81 tackles, two interceptions, and three sacks in 13 games with the Washington Commanders last season. However, he was insufficiently impactful to justify the $16.2 million cap charge that arrived in the fourth season of his six-year, $84 million contract.

Collins, who is only 28 years old, could pique the interest of several franchises. Rebuilding teams may be able to retain him if he has one of his best seasons ever in 2022. Playoff contenders may undoubtedly benefit from his versatility in a depth role.

Kwon Alexander

Kwon Alexander, a former Tampa Bay, San Francisco, and New Orleans linebacker, has been around since 2015 but will turn 28 later this offseason. Alexander was once a budding player who had 335 total tackles in his first three seasons before being sidelined by injury. He tore his ACL in 2018 and subsequently his Achilles in December 2020. The good news is that Alexander returned to the field for 12 games with the Saints in 2021 and looked more like his old explosive self.

The cost of versatile linebackers has skyrocketed in recent offseasons. Alexander might receive a lucrative contract and be a game-changer for units missing an X-factor at the position. The former Pro Bowler might join as a third-down specialist, but it wouldn’t be remarkable if he rapidly moves up to full-time starter during training camp.

Will Fuller

Will Fuller’s signing by the Miami Dolphins in 2021 was meant to open up an offence that urgently needed speed and playmaking. He was coming off a disappointing but effective five-year stint in Houston when he endured many injuries and was suspended for six games for violating the league’s performance-enhancing drug rules.

Because of his incredible skill set and upside, interest in the deep threat remained high even though he hadn’t played in more than 11 games since his freshman season.

Fuller is most suited for a strong-armed, creative quarterback who can keep his eyes downfield even as the pocket collapses. With quarterbacks who meet that description, the league is deeper than ever.

Eddie Goldman

One of the most difficult things in the NFL is finding enormous human beings who can burst through an offensive line and finish sacks.

Eddie Goldman, a former Chicago Bears defensive tackle, has exhibited pass-rushing ability at times. He never evolved into a consistent danger on passing downs, but he was a rock as the Bears’ nose tackle until his release this spring. His 325-pound frame can draw the attention of both guards and centres. His presence opens avenues for linebackers and blitzing safeties to run full speed into holes. Against an elite interior offensive line, the difference between Goldman and an average nose tackle may make or break a game.