Many sports fans know live betting, otherwise known as in-game betting or betting in running. It gives bettors the capacity to provide extra wagers even if the game started already. At times, these so-called wagers are given when there’s in-between breaks in quarters or periods. There are some cases wherein it’s being given as each single play or drive ensues. Generally, as a bettor, you have the ability to place bets on various things anytime as long as the match goes on and on.


Take note on the fact that a multitude of betting types and its corresponding frequency in terms of changing are all reliant on the technological functionalities of the platform you chose. Thus, if you’re going to choose a website to perform betting, make it good. There are different platforms out there, and one of them is Betway. Betway is an online betting platform which has a user-friendly layout, giving you the ability to bet with utmost confidence.


What are the different types of live bets?

As bettors choose different types of live bets, each one will ultimately vary from one another depending on the chosen sport and on the platform you’re betting on. Like what we said a while ago, betting demands skills, knowledge, and significant manpower and clean-cut technology to enable your sportsbook to work efficiently. Sportsbook are also seen on Betway live sports betting since it offers a large selection of options for the up and coming and current bettors of 

today. On top of that, it will provide real-time betting functionalities for you to enjoy. To list down some of these live bets, check the list below:


Traditional Bets

In this type of bet, similar bets that were deemed available way before the match started will also become available after the competition ensues. However, do note that the odds shift in order to change in real-time. The change marks the happenings within the duration of the game.


Prop Bets

All prop bets you availed are deemed available as in-game wagering happens. The former would only happen given that the casino or sportsbook provides advanced technology that can propel their speed at a top-notch scale. 



Most people are aware of the fact that in-game wagering permits you, at times, to receive the option transforming your single bets into parlays as you desire. If you want a little challenge, it’s up to you to add an extra bet onto your original shortly after the game starts. Doing so will give you the ability to try and capitalize on your most accurate guess.



Knowing all of the fundamentals of live betting may overwhelm you. Always remember that even before you join different platforms and bet for real, try to take in as much knowledge as possible to prevent you from possible losses. Invite gains and never compromise your strategies for something that you’re unsure of. Better yet, learn first before engaging yourself since live betting is a world full of different modes and options.