Online sports betting has been around long over 20 years already. The good news is they’re many reputable sportsbook sites for betting on football, basketball, cricket, horse racing, NASCAR, baseball and even golf. Today, there’s a new type of wagering on sports to arrive. Its called eSports betting and its one of the biggest opportunities for the exciting world of eSports. The market for betting on eSports is fairly young but its spreading rapidly nonetheless. Kids that grew up with iPads in their hands are now young adults and many prefer gambling on e-Sports over traditional sports wagering. 

  • Find the Best eSports Betting Sites

Bettors looking for the top real money gaming sites for betting on e-Sports games can learn a lot from reading this discussion about eSports betting sites from the gamblerock online casino forums. Because its a relatively new industry most online sports betting sites have yet to begin offering eSports as one of their games for people to bet on. The forum thread mentions Bovada and Betway as two bookmakers where you can bet on eSports online and win real cash. 

The eSports market is so young that some people are questioning if its even legal to place bets on e-Sports games. However, the UKGC’s compliance department has made it clear that offering bets on e-Sports is no different than offering bets on traditional sports and will be regulated in the same way. 

  • The Rise of Sport Betting Online

The word-wide market for sports betting over the Internet brings in billions of dollars each year. In the United Kingdom punters have benefited from a regulated online sport betting industry. All UK betting sites are required to obtain a gaming license from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). UK sports bettors have been gambling on legal online bookmakers since 2005. 

Betting on sports like soccer and basketball is a popular way for Kiwis to bet on their favorite New Zealand teams. In Australia, on the other hand, it is illegal for sport punters to gamble on the Internet and its also illegal to operate a gambling website that accepts wagers from Aussies. 

Gamblers betting from the United States have unclear rules on the legality of online sports betting in most parts of the country. A few states have recently regulated sports gambling over the Internet but most parts of the country have yet to catch up and most of the US remains an unregulated market.