Kevin Durant will be fully healthy in just six and a half months.  According to “First Things First” co-host Cris Carter.  He claims the Nets star will be ready to play at full capacity.

Carter stopped short of saying that KD would be on the floor for Brooklyn then, but says the people he’s “talking to” tell him KD’s injury will be fully healed then.

“The people I’m talking to say that in 6 and a half months Kevin Durant will be ready to play at full capacity. The people I trust who work with the best athletes in the world, that’s what they’ve told me: KD will be ready.”

Carter is wearing glasses and a suit.  He must know what he’s talking about.  KD’s injury will probably be completely healed in six and a half months, but if we had to put money on it, he will not be on the floor then.

He’s not in Golden State anymore.

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