“I worry more about the end of the season and the postseason than I do the beginning parts of the season,” Bowlsby said. “If the virus comes roaring back in the traditional flu and virus season in November, December, through March, I wonder if we’re going to get basketball seasons in, I wonder if we’re going to get the [College Football Playoff] in, I wonder if we’re going to get the NCAA tournament in.”

Bowlsby said he thinks “we will be very, very lucky to start on Labor Day weekend and get through a football season without disruptions.

“We will be very lucky to get through the postseason and the basketball season without disruptions.”

Bowlsby told The Athletic on April 23 that a “split season” with some games happening in the fall and some happening in the spring is a model that conference commissioners are evaluating, but he clarified on Thursday that it’s a “fallback position.” He said he’s not an advocate for that model, but “we may find ourselves falling back.”

Bowlsby did stress the importance of trying to play at least some of the season, both for “popularity reasons” and for “real, practical reasons,” including the revenue the sport generates. Football is the most profitable sport at most FBS schools.

It’s always all about the money.

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