Boxing is one of the most popular sports for fans around the world. Boxing has been around for a long time. Maybe you are quite familiar with some famous boxers like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Mayweather, and so on. Just like other sports, bad judging often occurs to the detriment of the winning party. The audience knows who the winner is, but the jury makes another decision. As a result of boxing robbery, boxing is no longer attractive, especially international class boxing. Well, this time we will share with you some of the biggest boxing robberies of all time.

Park Si-Hun Defeats Roy Jones Jr.

The first biggest boxing robbery was in a boxing match between Park Si-Hun and Roy Jones JR. In this match Park Si Hun was won by the judge with absurd calculations. In fact, Roy Jones Jr was a great boxer who had several times won the world title and he was becoming a pound-for-pound king. Somehow, when he took part in an Olympic boxing match against Park Si Hun, he was deemed defeated by a judge. However, the Olympic Committee conducted an investigation into the incident. In the end, the facts show that Park Si Hun was won and the judges were paid to win the Korean boxer.

Pernell Whitaker vs Julio Cesar Chavez

The next biggest boxing robbery was in a fist match between Pernell Whitaker vs. Julio Cesar Chavez. In this match, Chavez is a player who was cheated so he did not become champion when against Whitaker. In 1993, Chavez had a nightmare when he failed to win the title against Whitaker. At that time, Chavez was actually considered to have defeated Whitaker with a perfect score of 87-0. Unfortunately, when he entered the fourth round, Whitaker took over and showed balanced resistance. When the match is over, the judge shows a scorecard and then wins Whitaker.

Lennox Lewis vs Evander Holyfield

In 1999, Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield met in a heavyweight boxing match at Madison Square garden. Lewis is a great boxer who won the WBC and won the title for two years. In his match against Holyfield, he also looked invincible and almost defeated Holyfield with 200 or more hits. The winner knows that Lewis will continue to be the champion in this match. However, everyone was shocked when the judge issued a scorecard and showed Evander Holyfield’s victory. However, Lewis continued to accept his defeat and when he met again in Las Vegas a few months later, Lewis finally defeated Evander Holyfield.

Timothy Bradley vs Manny Pacquiao

In a boxing match between Timothy Bradley vs Manny Pacquiao in 2012, Manny Pacquiao also got robbed. Manny Pacquiao was a great boxer who won many titles and everyone knew that he should have been the winner at that time. In that match, it was clearly seen that Bradley had been defeated by Manny Pacquiao in 10 rounds. But, Bradley can’t accept it and he wants to see the recording. After the match, two judges instead gave a score to Bradley 115-113. Manny Pacquiao was clearly robbed even though you watched the video recording over and over again.

Courtney Burton vs Emanuel Augustus

This may not be the highest robbery in the world of boxing, but this can be an interesting thing why this match is considered unfair. Emanuel Augustus spent most of his career as a gatekeeper, but it was not easy for him to get out. In 2000, Augustus has lost to the 9th round TKO to Floyd Mayweather in a fight which was then described by the king of the pound by pound and it became the hardest fight for him.

In 2004,  he finally could defeat Courtney Burton in a fight broadcast on television by ESPN, but instead, he became a loser with two decisions. He got ridiculous scores, while a  judge gave Burton 9 unacceptable rounds that made Teddy Atlas angry and sent one of his famous babble in the air. It was a bad decision until the Michigan State Athletics Commission conducted an investigation.

Lupe Pintor vs Carlos Zarate

This robbery happened in 1979 and this really hurt Zarate. Basically, one judge gave Zarate the highest score, but the other judge instead sided with Pintor. In this fight, Zarate believes that he would be the champion while waiting for the jury’s decision. Shockingly, the judge did not raise Zarate’s hand but Pintor’s hand. Pintor was actually doubtful, but he was quite happy to be the winner. Zarate realized that the fight that night had been rigged and he actually could not accept that. However, two judges decided on the Pintor victory and only one judge won Zarate.

Paul Williams vs Erislandy Lara

Paul earned the nickname the punisher and became one of the most feared boxers of his time. Paul is not only great, but he also has a good physique and great strength. At that time Paul was fighting Lara in a fight in 2011. Lara was not a famous boxer so people underestimated him, but when he fought Paul, he dominated the fight for 9 rounds. However, the judge seemed unfair in the assessment because the judge turned out to the side with Paul. Everyone knows that this is Robbery’s act so when the judge who wins Paul is finally suspended.

Oscar De La Hoya vs Felix Sturm

In 2004, the battle between Felix Sturm and Oscar De la Hoya and Felix was finally able to defend the middle class in fighting against Hoya. It seemed that Felix controlled the ring with a variety of blows so De la Hoya looked so slow when fighting Felix. For De la Hoya, this was his first fight in the 154-pound class. However, when the fight ended, he got a good score so he won.