Slovenia is one of the countries with a high level of life and hence it is natural that sports like football and entertainment like sports betting are on the rise in this country. Despite being a small country of 2 million people, the Slovenian National Football team has been very competitive throughout the years and took part in numerous football competitions of high caliber like the World Cup or Euro Nations Cup. Of course, the high interest in football has resulted in the escalation of the betting industry. Slovenian people can bet both in their local or foreign bookmakers. 


E-Stave the official local bookmaker of Slovenia 

The betting industry is quite big and contributes big money to the Slovenian economy, hence why this sector has undergone various regulations throughout the years. There were taken steps for monopolization and at some point, Slovenian ISPs started to ban numerous foreign bookmakers which operated without license in the Slovenian market to move the cash flow to the national bookmaking company E-stave. Luckily there are certain big brands which still can be accessed by ordinary Slovenian people to enjoy Športne stave .


Best Football Teams of Slovenia

Prva Liga is the first tier of national football league in Slovenia. Maribor and Olimpija Ljubljana are 2 of the best teams which are regularly representing this country in Europa and Champions League. Especially Maribor is a solid side which has caused numerous upsets and reached the group stage of the Champions League several times. 


Where can we watch live football in Slovenia?

You can watch football on National TV if you are interested in matches of local teams and National team. International club and major competitions are also sometimes streamed at some National TV channels, but finding a good online football streaming  will increase your chances for free streaming much more. 


Famous Slovenian Football Players

If you are a big fan of football and watch major international competitions like Champions League, you are probably familiar with such famous Slovenian players like Ivo Ilicic, Jan Oblak, Samir Handanovic or Rene Krhin. Especially the Goalkeepers are considered top players in their position. Jan Oblak is playing a vital role in Atletico Madrid’s performance and Samir Handanovic was one of the legends of Italian FC Internazionale. 

Ivo Ilicic is also a bright star of FC Atalanta which has reached quarter-finals of Champions League this year with the help of amazing performance of Slovenian Star (4 goals in a single match against FC Valencia in 1/8 Final )


Nickname of Slovenian National Football team – The Dragons

The fact is that in Slovenian mythology dragons are the most important characters. According to legend, these creatures protected cities and villages from enemies and enemy raids. Slovenian football players in their homeland enjoy immense respect and love. Also, the whole country hopes for a decent performance by its team. Therefore, the players were christened dragons. They must live up to the dreams and hopes of their fans.