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Announcements of return matches

“Atalanta” scores the most goals and completely destroys its rivals. This club has never been able to boast such results and victories, so the club really enjoys and worries at every match. This small but proud Italian team  has decided this season to show everyone what real football is. That’s why in the first game with “Valencia” there were 4 goals in the opponent’s goal. 

In London, “Leipzig” showed a cool match, which blew “Tottenham” away. The team played very well in defense and thanks to several competent attacks and counterattacks were able to completely neutralize the opponent. In fairness, it should be clarified that the English team is not going through the best period in their lives. Very bad shots, loss of professional players and weak organizational structure, but still it is a strong, European team, which is not easy to pin down, but the Germans were able to do it. 

But the teams managed to surprise not only with victories, “Liverpool” managed to shock with its defeat. It seemed that the team is never afraid of anything, especially when it comes to playing on its field. However, to date, all the team’s results for the season can be called exclusively “strained”, to put it mildly. “Liverpool” lost three games in five played matches and could win the other two with great difficulty. All this suggests that the club has all chances to stay overboard and not pass for the first time in its history. 

Not only the teams, but also individual players have distinguished themselves. It is worth noting the mad Norwegian Haland, who was able to truly impress the Germans with his game. He managed to sneak his team into the quarterfinals for the joy of fans and spectators. He charges the team and the fans with a positive attitude and shows a real show. What more do you need from a professional footballer?