New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is a man with great taste. He’s been dating Linda Holliday for several years, and before she was the evil genius’ main girl, she was just  a young girl with a dream. A dream to one day be a winner.

Holliday has always been into beauty and fashion, especially after participating in a few beauty contests, she was the first runner-up in the Mrs. Arkansas Pageant twice, and she later owned a boutique in Florida.  Now she’s winning with her guy Bill. 

Check out Linda’s post below: 

Say what you want about Bill Belichick the coach, Bill looks to be much happier when with his better half. Tom doesn’t even put a smile on Bill’s face like Linda does. Nice work Bill. 

Of course there’s the  time we posted Linda in her best bathing suit,  or as we titled the headline, BILL BELICHICK’S GIRLFRIEND DROPS PURE FIRE ON INSTAGRAM.