Bill Walton joined Ralph Lawler on Wednesday night to call the Clippers final game of the season.  It was also Lawler’s final regular season game of his career.  The Clippers legendary broadcaster is retiring whenever the Clippers get bounced from the playoffs.

Lawler is the man we have to thank for getting Walton into broadcasting.  After his playing days were over, Lawler suggested the former NBA player give broadcasting a shot.  The two then spent 13 years together calling Clippers games.

Bill Walton didn’t disappoint.  In between handing out gifts and changing his outfits, Walton revealed he didn’t know what a two-way player is.

When talking about two-way players, Walton said he thought it had something to do with sexual orientation.

Thank you Ralph Lawler.  There was no greater accomplishment in your career than getting Bill Walton into broadcasting.  That was truly a gift to America.

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