Pistons forward Blake Griffin is being sued.  The lawsuit claims Griffin’s dog bit a man at a Los Angeles restaurant back in June.

The man is seeking money for the injuries and emotional harm he suffered.

Via TMZ Sports:

The man behind the suit is Emmanuel Aframian — who claims he was dining at A Votre Sante restaurant back in June 2018 when Griffin’s “vicious” dog attacked him out of nowhere.

Aframian says he suffered real injuries from the attack which required expensive medical care — and he thinks Griffin should have to cover all the bills … plus other damages.

And, Aframian says Blake KNEW his dog had a history of biting random people — so he should have taken proper steps to make sure he protected the public from his ferocious canine.

He’s also going after the restaurant — saying it had a duty to protect customers. 

Most people are probably going to go after the alleged victim in this case and claim he’s just trying to get to some of Blake’s money.  Not me.  

If you bring your dog to a restaurant you deserve whatever comes your way.  You’re the person in the wrong, even if your dog didn’t bite anyone.

Look I love dogs as much as they next guy, that doesn’t mean they go out to dinner with me.  Leave your pets at home, they aren’t people.

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