Faune Drake is the lovely wife of NBA player, Zach Randolph. 

The two have been married for a few years. 

Randolph is currently $12 million playing for the Kings. 

Unfortunately for his wife Faune, her NBA husband carried along some baggage with him into the marriage, and has been known to stray at times, throughout most of his relationships.  

Enter Randolph’s baby mama. .

She had some words for Randolph’s current wife. 

She went on IG and put his wife on blast, for apparently stalking her. 

Check out the screenshots below:

Here are some pics of Randolph’s baby mama below: 

She somehow makes the wife out to be the mistress. 


‘Hell has no fury like a woman scorned’

Z-Bo needs to have a talk with his wife. 

Check out Randolph’s wife Faune below:

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