Shad “Bow Wow” Moss is going viral this morning, after video of him disrespecting R&B singer Ciara leaked. More so disprecting Russell Wilson, who is Ciara’s husband.  

Only a few weeks ago, Bow Wow was accused of hurting his former girlfriend Ciara.

Now we have this.

Bow Wow was performing last night inside Atlanta’s top nightclub Eleven 45, and he brought up Ciara’s name, and said “I had this B*tch first”  

Ciara and Bow Wow dated as teenagers. Once she grew up, Ciara dumped Bow Wow, and eventually settled down with her current husband, NFL superstar Russell Wilson.

During his club performance of โ€˜Like You,โ€ Bow Wow referred to Ciara as a โ€œthis b****โ€…

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