Boxer Deontay Wilder goes off on reporter who ask him to explain his comment to fury when he said “My people have been fighting for 400 years”

Radio Rahim asked Wilder to clarify what he meant by saying his people have fought for over 400 years, a disgusted Wilder screamed on him

Wilder posted: 

I would be lying if I said the shit don’t hurts,
to see my culture of people go thru
so much bullshit all because of a fucking skin color.
I’ve always wondered what did
we do so wrong to endure so much hate, heart ache and pain
and still do til this day!
If you’ve never been on this side
of the track how could you understand? It’s impossible but,
yet it shouldn’t be mentioned or just pushed under a rug
while many are targeted and still being treated wrongly each and every day.
It hurts more when you feel helpless and if you’ve never had to go thru shit how in heaven can you relate to those that have?
The answer is you can’t so you quickly dismiss it and roll your eyes or say stop talking about it but how when it’s still accruing.
One day another change will come.
I fight for Change.
I fight for Love.
I fight for Peace.
One day all the above shall be witnessed for what’s understood don’t have to be explained.
I am Greatness
You are Greatness
We are Greatness
Love,Love,Love…. learn to Love.


Rahim would continue to ask Wilder to explain what he meant which only pissed Wilder off more.

“I don’t gotta explain what’s understood, Radio Ra-him! I don’t have to explain what’s understood, man. You know what I mean by that!…I ain’t gotta go farther. And if anybody don’t understand that then God be with ‘em, go look up the history…Don’t everybody believe in Google? Go Google that shit, see what I’m talkin’ about! You know what I’m talkin’ about, man.”

Wilder then took off his glasses to look Rahim eye-to-eye, getting in his face.

Radio Rahim posted this in response. 

Boxers can blow a fuse pretty quickly. 

Save that anger for the ring Wilder. 

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