Former Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith did multiple interviews on Friday denying he ever abused his ex-wife.  He called their relationship volitale and toxic, but says he never committed domestic abuse.

Via CBS Sports:

During interviews on 105.7 The Zone in Columbus, Ohio, and on ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” Smith said he never committed domestic abuse against his ex-wife, Courtney. Instead, Smith said that he and his former wife had a “volatile” relationship that was “toxic.” When asked about photos that Courtney shared with reporter Brett McMurphy, Smith told 105.7 The Zone, “There are times when things got out of hand and I had to restrain her, or defensively move out of the situation — leave and sleep at my office.”

Zach Smith added “I don’t know where or what they are from. I have no idea. There were several times things got out of hand between us and I may have restrained her to get out of the house.”

After the denial by Smith, Brett McMurphy, who broke the story, posted another text message that seems to prove that Zach did in fact abuse his wife.  This exchange is between Zach and his now ex-wife, Courtney.

Courtney mentions specific incidents of domestic abuse and instead of denying it, Zach apologized for it.

Brett does not play.  He’s standing by his report and putting it all out there.  This is going to get a lot uglier before it’s all said and done.