Bud Light will be ready with free beer in Cleveland for the Browns’ first win in 2018. Special fridges throughout the area will be unlocked automatically as soon as they win.

From Cleveland.com:

Each orange and blue fridge holds upwards of 200 aluminum 16-ounce bottles. The company is being a bit coy about specific locations because Ohio law prevents pre-promotion of this type, the folks at the beer company say, but all will be in the “general Cleveland area.”

“The Bud Light Browns ‘Victory Fridge’ is a fun way to celebrate and reward a fanbase that has never wavered in enthusiasm or dedication for their team no matter what happens,” said Andy Goeler, Vice-President of Marketing, Bud Light in a statement. “We’re proud to show our support for Cleveland, and we’re always looking to bring NFL fans and friends together for memorable experiences. It’s going to be fun to be part of the celebration when the team earns their first victory of the season.”

The idea was born when Bud Light execs spotted Browns fans holding “Dilly Dilly” signs last season.

“About a year idea ago we had our Dilly Dilly campaign running full steam,” Goeler said. “We had great pictures of fans holding up Dilly Dilly signs. That inspired us. They’re diehard fans.” That advertising campaign rallied around the non-sensical cry being uttered in assorted medieval settings in Bud Light commercials.

Of course if you want to be a fan of a winning team, you’ll have to pay for your own beer, but it’s totally worth it to watch your team actually win games.