New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said the two are aligned as they begin the quest for a sixth Super Bowl championship, even though there have been rumors of the two being at odds with one another. 

“I think our priorities are the same that they’ve always been, and I think that’s why we get along so well. We’re here to win,” Brady said Tuesday morning in his weekly interview on sports radio WEEI. “It’s been a very professional environment he’s created, and I think I’m very lucky to be in that environment. I think he’s the best coach who ever coached in the NFL, and I feel very privileged to kind of be mentored by him as long as I have.”

“Everyone has to play their role. Players don’t coach and coaches don’t play. Everyone needs to everyone to do their job as best they possibly can. I have so much confidence in him and what his decisions are. They have had a great track record over a long period of time. We’re both expecting to have a great season like we always have.”

Tom also talked about how much time he has left in him. Appearing on Kirk & Callahan Tuesday morning, the 41-year-old seemed to indicate he would like to play beyond his contract which expires at the end of next year and he has goals he would like to reach.

“I certainly expect to be here next year and hopefully beyond,” Brady said. “Like I’ve said, I have goals to play for a long time. I still love doing it. I still want to do it, but I am also focused on what I need to do this year. It’s a tough challenge. It’s a great challenge. I have loved it for a long time and I still want to get out there and be the best I can be for our team.”

One day we’ll all look back and realize we were witnessing the best Coach/QB combo of all time. These two are GOATS, and let’s just hope they can stay together as long as possible. I personally feel they’ll be retiring together. Enjoy it while it lasts.