Cleveland Browns wide receiver Sheehy-Guiseppi lied in order to get in front of NFL scouts.

After he wasn’t offered a scholarship following his 2016 season at Phoenix College, Sheehy-Guiseppi went looking for other football opportunities.  After finding out the address of an NFL workout, Sheehy-Guiseppi had to lie to get in.

How did Sheehy-Guiseppi do it? He said he knew Browns vice president of player personnel Alonzo Highsmith, according to the story. 


“Who are you?”

“I’m Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi. I’m here for the tryout.”

“Do you know Alonzo?”

“Yeah, I know Alonzo.”

The confidence paid off. Sheehy-Guiseppi had his foot in the door. To make sure his story didn’t fall apart, as soon as he saw Highsmith, he ran to him and introduced himself.

“I just knew I had to make it look like we were friends,” Sheehy-Guiseppi said. “Alonzo was real nice to me.”

Sheehy-Guiseppi impressed during that workout, which earned him an official tryout with the Browns. The Browns signed him in April.

As an undrafted third-string receiver and kick returner, Sheehy-Guiseppi is still a long shot to play, but he’ll always have a great story about the time he lied to get an NFL tryout.  

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  

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