Anthony Davis is still looking to be on the move, even though his Pelicans will most certainly draft Zion Williamson with the number #1 pick.  So where will AD go? 

Looks like all the drama and turmoil of the Lakers last year could get wiped away if they were lucky enough to acquire Anthony Davis. lists the Lakers as a slight favorite over both the New Orleans Pelicans and Boston Celtics for Davis.

How close is it?

Well, the Lakers are listed at plus-100 to open the 2019-20 season with Davis.

The Pelicans and Celtics are both plus-200. The New York Knicks are the only other team with odds to land Davis. They are listed at plus-400.

Davis could easily juse be right where he started, and end up back with the Pelicans. The team could opt to just hold onto him, unless he somehow figures out a way to  force their hand on a trade. 

After missing out on the playoffs this season, and all the recent craziness, the Lakers need to do whatever they can to get back.

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