Philadelphia 76ers General Manager Bryan Colangelo admitted to the team’s upper management that his wife, Barbara Bottini, is behind the burner accounts.  

The accounts were used to criticize the team and players.  The Sixers are expected to fire Colangelo as a result of the scandal.

Via Yahoo Sports

Colangelo, a two-time past NBA Executive of the Year, has discussed with ownership and upper management the possibility that his wife, Barbara Bottini, may have been involved in the postings of the tweets from so-called burner accounts, league sources said.

So far, Philadelphia ownership has shown little, if any, inclination to separate Colangelo’s culpability in the matter should a family member or close associate be proven responsible for the postings, league sources said.

Colangelo clearly doesn’t Trust the Process.  That isn’t going to cut it in Philly.  And throwing your wife under the bus isn’t going to save your job either.