A fan caught up with Danica Patrick at an autograph signing session before her final race last weekend.  He’s probably wishing he didn’t.  

According to the description and the video he posted on YouTube, Danica was a complete asshole.

I’ve been a fan of Danica’s for a long time and I got a chance to get her autograph after years of trying to catch her at a race track in the NASCAR Series. Finally, at supposedly her last race the 2018 Indy 500, I got my chance. I woke up at 5am and waited in line for almost 3 hours for her to try and snatch the marker out of my hand a couple of times before finally getting it, throwing the marker back at me when she didn’t like the way the brand new marker wrote and then in the very last frame you can see her arm where she threw the hat back at me too, like I was an asshole for not having a marker up to her standards but to be fair she could have had some really bad news before the autograph signing, that she showed up to late, or stubbed her toe on the way out of the house that morning but sometimes they should realize that if it wasn’t for the fans you wouldn’t have all that glory, money and fame, you would probably be working a regular 9 to 5 job like the rest of us looking up to their favorite celebrities like we do to them.

Danica doesn’t exactly have a reputation as the most friendly celebrity.  That’s why they say you should never meet your heroes.