Former NBA player​ and coach Byron Scott has finally put his divorce settlement behind him. 

Unfortunately it’s going to cost him. 

The final settlement has granted Scott’s ex-wife a whopping $2.4 million along with indefinite $7,000 ​monthly payments of spousal support.

Via The Blast  :

“NBA legend Byron Scott has reached a settlement in his nasty divorce, which will leave him paying his ex-wife $7,000 a month in support but he gets to keep his seven movie posters signed by Denzel Washington.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Byron and his ex-wife, Anita Scott, reached a deal that covers all issues left in their never-ending divorce.

Per the deal, Byron will pay his ex $7k in spousal support, plus she will be paid $2.4 million from various bank accounts. Anita also keeps their Culver City home, while Byron is awarded both the Playa Vista condo and his new Hermosa Beach mansion. They will sell their timeshare and split the profits.

Anita gets to keep a 2007 Mercedes SL600 and Byron will get the 2012 Mercedes S-Class. He will pay his ex a property settlement of $558,000.

Byron made sure the settlement had a provision that clearly stated he keeps 2-3 gold pictures/paintings, 5-7 movie posters signed by Denzel Washington (gifted to Byron from Anita for his birthdays). She will pick up the Yamaha player piano, but he will keep their private jet credits.”

Now it looks like Bryon has moved on, and is back on the dating scene. 

He’s been seeing Cecelia Gutierrez according to Total Pro Sports

Check out some of her pics below:  

Byron may be a little lighter int the pocketbook, but as you can see, he’s in good hands. 

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